Saving The Planet's Water
Resources One Pond At a Time

Nature's Pond Conditioner Inc.

Nature’s Pond Conditioner – Fall/Winter Edition

Like all things seasonal, ponds and pond life beings to slow as the colder weather sets in.

Beneficial bacteria and enzymes applied in the spring or summer start to diminish in number and slow their reproduction rate.

To keep your pond healthy and productive all year nourish it with Nature’s Pond Conditioner Fall/Winter Edition early in the fall before winter freeze up.

This special blend of naturally occurring organisms and plant extracts is formulated with a preservative that adds to the longevity and productivity of the bacteria and enzymes through colder weather conditions. It enables the microbes to keep consuming and cleaning the debris, run off and decaying matter in your pond through the winter months.


Saving The Planet’s Water Resources One Pond At A Time

Natures Pond Conditioner Inc. has created products and ways to keep your pond healthy and clean without using potentially harmful chemicals and algaecides to achieve this goal.

Potable Water (clean, drinkable water) accounts for less than 1% of the world’s total water supply. In the last few decades many of our valuable water resources have been polluted from acid rain and other effluents and chemicals that plague the planet’s fresh water resources. Global warming is also paying its toll on fresh water resources and affecting both aquatic and wild life that depends on these fresh water resources for survival. You ask anyone who has a pond about fish kill, chances are they have experienced it first hand in recent years.

Knowing this we need to stop voluntarily polluting our waters by treating our ponds with toxic chemicals that have long term adverse affects on the water quality and health of anything that lives in it or near it. There are better ways to keep your pond healthy while at the same time getting rid of algae and other unwanted aquatic vegetation.

Natures Pond Conditioner Inc. recognizes a pond owner’s dilemma – the need for a clean and healthy looking pond without the expense and use of environmentally damaging chemicals.

Natures Pond Conditioner Inc. has also partnered with leading manufacturers such as Koenders Windmills Inc and Superior Windmill Inc. to offer new and affordable ways for pond owners to maintain the health and cleanliness of their pond water without threatening the environment.

For every Natures Pond Conditioner order you receive a $50 Rebate Coupon for a Koenders or Superior Windmill Aeration System.


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Saving The Planet's Water

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